Build your best life — and stop stressing about cash — with MoneyVerbs, a gamified platform that helps you get good at money (so you can skip the mistakes in real life). 

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2 people standing in front of a board with sticky notes

Or becoming a chessmaster without moving your queen? 

You wouldn’t be good at either. 

And you'd be nervous when it came time to compete. 

This is what happens with money: you're in the game — but you've never practiced. You've only heard blah-blah sound bytes about how it should go.

MoneyVerbs is your (fun) money trial run:

Spend Smart

because “budget” is no longer a scary word — it’s your friend

Worry Less

because you don't have to shoot in the dark (and hope for the best)

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Invest in your Future

because “saving” is no longer a pipe dream — and you know how to invest.

Lessons from the manager of billion-dollar Fortune 20 budgets 
...gamified for you. 

Isaiah Goodman, CEO of the financial advisory firm Becoming Financial, went from serving billion-dollar companies to helping hundreds of families like yours. For years, he’s empowered real people to save over $1,000,000 in potential interest and increase their credit scores by 26% on average.

Now, he wants you to learn how to do it too.

Does money = happiness?

Not always. 

But research shows that for the most part, financially secure people are happier — period.

Life is hard enough as it is.  
Wouldn’t it be great if you could cross “MONEY STRUGGLES” off your list?

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If you want to avoid the emotional (and physical) roller coaster of financial instability, you need to know how to save, spend, and invest your money.

MoneyVerbs can help.

Become a happier person — and slay this game called Life —  by getting the goods on everything you really need to know about money (but no one ever told you).

Real stories from people like you

Authentic lessons you can use right now

Skip the (yawnifying) lectures and take part in irresistible case studies of people like you. 

 Challenge yourself to solve real life situations, then learn how others handle the same scenario — and see how well you did. 

Work with other users, get insights from real financial advisors, and analyze the takeaways for your life.

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What makes this app different?

Does anyone *really* wanna learn about money? 
Right. We didn’t think so. 

That’s why we made it a game. MoneyVerbs ditches the fluff and gives you everything you need to know — using stories you can chat about with cool people like you. 

How much does MoneyVerbs cost? 

It doesn't. Right now, it's 100% free. 

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Get in on it!           

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